A fully electric G Class Wagon to be launched by Mercedes Benz

Sascha Pallenberg, the head of Daimler’s digital transformation twitted this week that Mercedes Benz is working on an all electric version of the G class wagon, as revealed by the head of Mercedes Benz cars, in an automobile event at Berlin.

Daimler’s head of Mercedes Benz, Ola Kallenius announced that there will be a zero emission EV version of the Mercedes Benz G Class wagon also. This announcement was made on the same day when Volkswagen outlined its plan to launch an all electric wagon in the year 2021.

The G class has been in production of Mercedes Benz since the late 1970’s. It has retained its place since then in the company’s portfolio as one of the least eco friendly models to date. It would be now be doing wonders in the environmental profile since it has switched its current power train out for an electric one.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was the first person to bring out the idea of changing the G Class to electric version, in the year 2018 only. The then CEO of the company, Dieter Zetsche simply stated in return of this suggestion that the company had plans to convert the entire portfolio to electric only.

Mr. Kallenius stated that Mercedes Benz has plans to give its customers the options of at least one all electric alternative in every Mercedes Benz model series, by the year 2022. It may be either a hybrid option or a completely battery powered option of the car.

Currently, only the GLC and the EQC are available with electric power trains or will be available soon. The former one is hybrid and the second one will be the brand’s fully electric model, when it will be launched in the year 2020.


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