A Tampa Rapper Teaches Kids about God with his Debut EP

Shevin Michael, the Tampa-based rapper and entertainer, released his debut EP It’s Time on Friday, January 31, 2020, on all major platforms. Shevin Michael has partnered with Tampa-based international powerhouse Symphonic for widespread distribution.

Preceding the release, Shevin visited students of different grade levels at local Villa Madonna School. He shared the inspiration behind his rediscovered passion for songwriting and music production and followed it up with an interactive lesson on how to make music, ending with a live performance of two original songs.

“We need a safe market for music and videos that aren’t afraid to promote Jesus and Christian values,” remarked Jen DeMayo, a 3rd-grade teacher at Villa Madonna.  “Shevin Michael provided a surprisingly dynamic and engaging musical lesson that had our students singing his lyrics and shouting along with his high energy, faith-centered songs. It was exciting to witness.”

Shevin mentions the following regarding the performance, “It was very rewarding to teach students about hip-hop production and perform some of my music for them. Their level of engagement and enthusiasm made me wonder if they had listened to my music beforehand. My purpose is to spread the Good News through music, and my experience at Villa Madonna reinforced this purpose.”

Shevin Michael is going to be touring local schools teaching kids about the art of music production and Christianity. If you want him to visit your school reach out to shevin@shevinmichael.com. If you want to hear more of his music search, Shevin Michael, on your favorite streaming site or go to www.shevinmichael.com

Shevin (like Kevin, but with an S-H) Michael, who was raised on the catchy beats of 90s hip-hop, melodic harmonies of soul music, and homemade tuna casserole, has reawakened his beat-producing and poetic wordplay to share his newfound zeal for Christianity. In his music, you will find magnetic storytelling and captivating beats that leave you reflecting on the profound impact of your life.

Shevin had a profound spiritual encounter while on a flight in July of 2018. He was deeply moved and knew he was being called to leave his successful career in order to serve God artistically. He had climbed the corporate ladder for 15 years before returning to his buried passion for writing songs and producing beats. 15 years ago Shevin was making music about worldly pleasures; this time it’s to glorify God.

While in the process of creating Christian entertainment for children with Cross Boss Media (CBM), Shevin inadvertently reignited his musical roots. The It’s Time EP was written and produced by Shevin, and co-produced by Cousin Eric. “I didn’t plan on making music again. When in the process of building out a Christian kid’s show, I was fired up by how engaging and inspiring music is as a teaching tool. Over time, the beats drastically improved, I started writing full-length songs, and then we all agreed to focus solely on the music aspect of the show for the near future.”

”We created It’s Time as a call to action. In response to a widespread indifference toward belief in God which has led to a rapid moral decline, it’s time to put our Christian faith into action.”

Over the next 6 months, CBM plans on releasing at least 10 songs with accompanying music videos. Shevin Michael will be hitting the streets heavily in 2020 to spread his music and message. It’s time!


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