ibumpit and Iconic Battle Rapper Bill Collector join forces to announce the launch of ibumpit.com on July 1st

Indianapolis, Indiana – June 17, 2020 – iBumpit, a community that helps independent musicians grow, is all set to widen its  canvass with the appointment of iconic battle rapper Bill Collector as its brand ambassador. This conjugation is understood to be a welcome development ahead of  the launch of the community’s website iBumpit.com.

It is evident to the readers that iBumpit is a promising platform for independent artists struggling for their big-ticket to the music industry. iBumpit is already known as “struggling musicians friend,” and independent  music artists call it “the stepping stone”  to their musical career.

Industry sources say that the 1st of July, 2020 will open up a new chapter in the music industry with the launch of iBumpit.com, and will pull the attention of many more budding musicians who are eager to showcase their talent but are unaware where to
start. iBumpit.com is one of its kinds in this respect. It not only allows independent music artists to promote their work through a dedicated page on the website but also helps them effectively market themselves and manage their business.

Talking to a spokesperson, the thrilled iBumpit President says, “iBumpit.com is a unique platform in itself and is a golden gateway for independent music artists. They can demonstrate their talent through a dedicated profile page and sell their work from here. The launch of our website iBumpit.com will provoke independent music artists to stop ‘hunting’ for opportunities elsewhere and, instead, create opportunities for themselves through their profile page.”

He further says, “To widen the scope of prospects for curious, independent artists, we have initiated a content drive inviting them to mark their presence in more than 50 genres. Consequently, every aspiring artist will have a genre of his or her choice to start and explore the music world. In addition, iBumpit also has giveaways for the fans of music. Fans have an option to vote for their favorite music stars and their work. We will give a cash prize to the fan that has the maximum number of votes.”

Aspiring independent musicians associated with iBumpit are delighted on the appointment of Bill Collector as the brand ambassador, and all parties energized reading the website’s launch on 1st July ’20.

More information and inquiries about iBumpit can be made at (email id).

Contact Detail:

Company Name: Ibumpit
Contact Person: Rickey Lamar Williams
Email: Kcg@ibumpit.com
Country: United States
Website Url: http://www.ibumpit.com/

Source: www.PRExhibition.com

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