DEAHEUNG CO launched a new product by combining jujube and red ginseng.

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Gyeongsan, Korea – DEAHEUNG CO. is a strong agricultural company in the Korean jujube market, which released patents for many years.

In line with the strong trend of K-FOOD, the company has launched a new product by concentrating jujube and red ginseng. Currently, sales of the product are underway in Korea, and the company will begin selling it in the U.S., China, Japan, and Southeast Asian online markets. According to the company, jujube has long been used as an herbal ingredient in Korea, and it is excellent for increasing immunity due to its abundance of minerals, dietary fibers, and vitamins. This is also good for relieving cold hands and preventing aging. Red ginseng is a food recognized by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and is excellent at recovering from improving immunity and recovering from fatigue.

With the current spread of COVID-19, the product is expected to be truly popular around the world as red ginseng and jujube products, which are effective for improving immunity, continue to increase. Since the crisis of COVID-19, China, Hong Kong and Japan have recognized the quality of Korean red ginseng. In addition, this product is released in stick type, so customers can easily eat it. This product is manufactured by vacuum-heated processing, thereby removing all moisture and leaving only concentrated ingredients so that customers can consume only the necessary ingredients without taking unnecessary ingredients.

“There are many customers saying they are always tired because of the accumulated fatigue caused by the spread of COVID-19 so we have developed this product,” and “we hope that we can all get over this difficult time together, recovering from fatigue as well as increased immunity,” an official from DEAHEUNG CO. said. 

The company also said that it will continue to release products that combine jujube and other foods in order to improve global sales and awareness of jujube.


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Company Name: DEAHEUNG Co.
Contact Person: Jung Mu Kim
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Phone No: +82 10 6616 5160
Country: Korea
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