“Jami Ya Haki- Time For Change” Goes Virtual This Year Amidst Covid-19 Pandemic

Jami Ya Haki is an upcoming online summit that endeavors to unite sustainable companies and eco-friendly consumers. The event will feature workshops, lectures, and an online trade fair.

The world’s current population is 7.8 billion, and the current distressing situation of this planet exhibits how its inhabitants have treated it for the past decades. Now every part of the globe s experiencing a climate crisis, and the rise of natural disasters has indicated that everyone on this earth must make a significant change in their behavior to reduce their impact on the environment. Global corporations are highly responsible for the climate change the world is experiencing. According to research, 100 top energy companies are responsible for 71% of the industrial emissions that is the most considerable contribution of humans to climate change. Simultaneously, the global manufacturing sector and their collective greenhouse emissions have significantly influenced the environment.

Significant steps and measures must be taken globally to ensure that the world is a better and breathable place to live for the upcoming generation. Not only organizations but consumers of the contemporary world also have to work diligently and make shifts it’s their buying choices for climate protection. The climate movement came into the limelight when a young bright environmental activist, Greta Thunberg, started the Fridays for Future movement, where kids would skip school on Friday to draw world stakeholders’ attention towards this noble cause. The Covid-19 pandemic happened, and how the world functions wholly altered, and everyone’s focus shifted on being safe. Modifications were made in the way events and fairs are held, and online events became a reality.

Jami Ya Haki’s organizers have previously arranged a successful fair, “Fairena” in Munich, which ventured to bring ethical consumers and ecologically responsible companies on a single platform. This year due to Covid-19, Jami Ya Haki will be happening online. The event’s core objective is to empower companies on a path towards sustainability to exhibit their products to a broad spectrum of customers worldwide connected by a single thread, i.e., to preserve the environment and stop global warming. The event will be an excellent opportunity for sustainable organizations to introduce their products to customers and exchange valuable ideas in virtual rooms and cafés. For attendees, expert speakers will be giving lectures and offering workshops to ensure that everyone feels involved and a great deal of information is communicated surrounding the subject.

The benefits associated with Jami Ya Haki happening online are far-reaching. When an event is organized in a physical setting, the environmental risks and costs are higher. Online fairs are an excellent way to improve fairs’ ecological performance by eliminating hazards of transport and logistics, and it’s more convenient for the public to attend, which is a win-win situation for everyone. Organizing such events demand extensive efforts, planning, workforce, and budget. Supporting such events are incredibly beneficial for the environment and small business endeavoring to become a part of a global movement to preserve the climate. People interested in playing their role are requested to support the crowdfunding campaign exclusively established for the online summit to make it a breakthrough. Every penny and every share counts. Visit the link below to support the crowdfunding campaign. Let’s make this world Jami Ya Haki (Swahili for a Just Society) together.

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