Cindrum’s token CIND is approved from KOMINFO of Indonesia and listed on Cashierest and BitMart

The token CIND of CINDRUM is now listed on Cashierest and BitMart.

CIND is a cryptocurrency which can be used on the platform, Cindrum, where it is designed to make players be creators to own avatars, make own designs and even trade them. In Cindrum’s metaverse, players can have an immersive experience into the virtual social network environment with socializing with other people by participating various activities, like dressing their avatars with assets, trading and haggling in the Bazaar and decorating their own LAND, and they can earn CIND during the process. CIND also can be used on other platforms if they support same features with Cindrum.

In particular, CIND is designed to be ‘a vanguard leader who will make a new wave based on Metaverse technology’, and with the token, inside the Cindrum metaverse, many user activities are possible: from generation of UGC to trading NFTs, shopping, mining and so on. Earning a profit is also possible: collect NFTs to become an art collector and host an exhibition; or virtually realize the infinite possibility of combination of LAND and ASSET.

Users can earn more CIND as many as their time of enjoying inside Cindrum metaverse is long, their use of LAND and ASSET is interesting and shopping they do more.

Recently, Cindrum is assessed from Indonesia’s KOMINFO (Ministry of Communication and Information Technology) and is approved as a state-of-the-art startup game developer, granting the future support, and it will be favorable news along with listing on Cashierest and BitMart. With these, its project to provide immersive and safe experiences for a metaverse’s virtual world is getting more driving power.

A Cindrum official said, “With CIND, users can earn a profit while they enjoy entertainment elements in the virtual space, and they’re able to trade safe and verifiable NFTs. As it realizes the paradigm which can overcome reality’s physical distance and constraints, we expect its value and utility will get higher with listing on Cashierest and BitMart.”





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