What You Need To Know About SAFEGAMECASH

SAFEGAMECASH (SGC) is an exclusive tokenomics reward system and gaming related utility that guarantee a trusted future and utility with an improved Tokenomics Funding of Marketing Rewards and Use Cases.

Why choose this token?

SafeGameCash is a metaverse game based token with a leading BEP-20 token on the Binance Smart Chain. SGC in collaboration with major gaming companies plan to implement the SGC coin in the day to day life of gamers and gamer community. It gives holders the opportunity to buy and sell coins with the following benefits.

Liquidity 4% 5%
Marketing 2% 3%
Holders with BNB 2% 3%
Game Development 2% 3%
Burn 1% 1%

5% of every transaction is distributed to all SGC holders therefore the longer you hold the coin, the more you earn. Another advantage of BNB is its ability to increase in value over time, this makes the holder a double winner!

Also 5% allocation for marketing and development of the SGC project in the gaming industry will ensure a constant evolution and increase in value of SGC towards new heights this is with a total supply will be 2,000,000,000,000,000 SGC. After launch each investor buying SGC in presale or private sale via swap or airdrop will have a temporary mandatory selling fees of 50% for the first 30 days, 30 % for the second month, and 15% selling fees as of the third month.

SGC has planned to have three manual burn events of its token supply; 100 Trillion coins at or shortly after the launch, 100 Trillion coins when SGC reaches an easy Market cap of $50 million and final 100 Trillion coins when SGC reaches a Market cap of $150 million. The SGC and its community will further increase the liquidity and continue the growth of the SGC value system through revenue streams generated by views on YouTube.

SGC is implementing an Anti-Whale and Anti-Sniper system/strategy by limiting sales per transactions of SGC tokens to under 0.5% of total supply or the BNB equivalent in order to avoid whale and bot dumping.


SGC will cooperate and connect with major industries and video game companies to implement SGC coin in the daily life of gamers and gamer community. The games includes nft games, vr games minecraft server and many more.

The SGC will create its official E-Sports team with the goal of competing in the biggest tournaments. Subscribers will be able to follow, watch and participate this incredible adventure using the official SGC YouTube channel.

Fundraising / Giveaway for charity

SGC will have a revolutionary fundraising system for SGC projects and Charity that will reward its participants in BTC. Any donation of 5 USD or more will automatically register donors as participants for a chance to be drawn and win the Jackpot of 1 BTC. Every donation made to a charity will be transparent, have proof and the community can choose the charity of their choice. Visit https://www.safegamecash.net/ for more information

The Safegamecash Push

The SAFEGAMECASH team would like to announce that SGC is planning a major project towards the end of this year / starting next year. This project is called “Project Vie U”. This project promise to will take SGC to new heights that no other crypto-currency has ever reached. Information regarding the revelation of this project will be posted on our various social networks until the date of the project announcement.


Private Staking

The idea and principle of this innovative program is to reward holders over the long term for holding SGC coins.

Who can participate?

Each holder who holds SGC coins and does not sell, transfer, change or move the SGC coins for 3,6, 9 and 12 months gets bonuses and the top 3 winners gets a sum of 100,000, 30,000 and 10,000 USD respectively

To participate, visit https://www.safegamecash.net/ for more information

Contact Detail:

Company Name: SafegameCash
Contact Person: Miss Afu
Email: Send Email
Country: Belgium
Website Url: https://www.safegamecash.net/

Source: www.PRExhibition.com

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