Exploring the Life Cycle, Tracking Details of Press Releases

Hong Kong – People are new to the marketing circuit and have heard the buzz about a press release. The idea and concept intrigue you, so you decide to delve into this information a little further.

First you need to understand the purpose of a press release. The purpose of the press release is to get the news or information you have into the hands of the media so they can either re-publish your information or contact you for more information to write a glowing story about your business, product or service.

The lifecycle may last a couple of days; it may last a few months. Let us look at the details more in depth.

1. Writing your press release

2. Distribution of your press release

3. Initial reporting feedback

4. Socialization of your press release

5. Pickup / Clipping Services

Writing Your Press Release

If you come from a writing background, then writing your press release should come to you fairly easily providing you follow the proper structure of writing a press release. If you are new to the press release industry and are not familiar with how to write a press release, don’t fret, we have someone that can help you here.

Distribution of Your Press Release

To clear up any confusion, NovationWire is a press release service company that distributes your news to the media. In this process, we also provide a report as our ‘proof of distribution’ that your news went out to the media. We are in the business of sending your news to the media. We do not guarantee pickup by search engines by keywords. We will make some guarantees like your press release being picked up by a search engine, but we do not guarantee that it will be displayed when someone performs a search with a particular search phrase or keyword. To further this, although feedback is positive with some individuals, we have no control over such results.

Initial reporting feedback

When your press release is distributed through the NovationWire network, you will receive a report which we discussed earlier (proof of distribution). If you are a marketing company, you may wish to share this information with your client.

Socialization Of Your Press Release

As previously mentioned, when your press release goes out you receive your report with a link to your press release within this report. If you do not have any social media channels set up, we recommend setting them up. Once set up, we highly recommend sharing your press release on social media – it does make a difference. If you have mentioned another business within your press release, it would be a good idea to ask them to also share the press release on their social media as well.

All it takes is someone of significance to find your press release and repost it on their social media where they may have tens of thousands of followers and boom, your press release has gone viral. We have seen some press releases receiving thousands of shares.

Press Release Pickup & Clipping Services

Pickup is typically referred to when your press release has garnered the attention of someone in the media, and they have republished your press release. The pickup could be in a major national newspaper, a trade publication or even a blog. Some people copy your press release verbatim; some journalists will contact you directly for an interview.

A good way to find your press release is to take your headline and place it within quotes in a search engine. If your headline contains special characters like the percentage symbol, quotes, etc., it may be a little more difficult and may not return as accurate of results.

Although the basic idea, purpose, and functionality of a press release have remained the same over time, the integration of social media, search engines and access to information have changed how press releases get out to the public. The bottom line being they still increase your online visibility and if you are sending news to the media and various online points and your competition isn’t you will be casting a larger visible net than them.


NovationWire is a marketing firm that offers customized online press release distribution solutions. These online PR distribution solutions are for PR firms, agencies, organizations & Corporates. It includes e-mail delivery directly to Editors who are targeted to media editors at newspapers, magazines, and broadcast outlets like TV and news/talk radio stations. They also cooperate with significant wire services like ACN Newswire, JCN Newswire, Dow Jones Factiva, Reuters Eikon, Bloomberg Terminal, Yahoo news etc. NovationWire also provides a package to target different regions of the world and too different languages. These regions include Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, China (Hong Kong, Taiwan), Russia, the United States, EU, UK, CA, AU, DE & many other countries. The Press releases could also be translated to English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Malay, Indonesian, French, Portuguese & Spanish

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