Brief Introduction to Press Release and Content Marketing Tips

HONG KONG – People published an article which mentioned about smart audio systems becoming more significant in the area of marketing. The reason this is important is that upward of 50% of searches will come through smart audio devices.

Smart audio systems and marketing are still in the early stages, and we have few details on how content will blend into the search results of voice commands through smart audio systems. We do recognize there are some PR folks in the industry gearing up to serve content based on voice searches people will make; meaning information from customers’ content marketing blended press release could potentially make its way through as a relative search result providing exposure through these devices.

When Users are blending customers’ press release with customers’ content marketing, there are a few tips that Users can follow.

Users always want to continue to follow basic press release writing practices. Ensure customers’ content is newsworthy and high-quality content. Having fewer pieces of information that are valuable is better than many pieces of information that serve no value.

Are Users able to incorporate a survey with customers’ press release? Obtaining data and publishing this data will engage customers’ audience and draw in many readers. In a survey from Charles Schwab from back when the financial meltdown occurred in 2010, the Family and Money Survey they sent out indicated that those into their twenties had a greater sense of financial fitness over physical fitness. To their audience, this was of particular interest adding value to their content. Is there a way Users can incorporate results from a survey within customers’ press release?

Incorporating a promotion into customers’ press release may seem obvious but is one many overlooks. Companies have been known to have great success with this tool providing that Users use unique promotional codes to track customers’ success. Users also need to be very explicit about timing with pricing.

Combine holiday-related events with customers’ promotion. Users don’t have to think hard to the obvious like Thanksgiving, Halloween and in September, ‘Back to School.’ Customers’ press release could potentially include “10 Tips to Assist Customers’ Child in Achieving Higher Grades”. Link this to a product page on customers’ website as customers’ goal is to provide helpful information to customers’ audience that relates to customers’ products.

Have Users highlighted a customer before? Let’s say Users are a specialty organic meat farmer. Users could mention a client, like a meat retailer that carries customers’ product and link to a recipe on their website and even provide a discount code for the product. Before doing this, Users would need to obtain their permission. The process of obtaining permission for a mention like this is industry standard. In return, customers’ customer could potentially mention customers’ business in a future press release.

If Users create links within customers’ press release to a landing page, ensure customers’ page is directly related to the press release. Users may also want to consider tracking that page as well.

Once Users have completed customers’ press release, as it will have valuable content, ensure Users place a copy on customers’ website. If Users have a corporate newsroom, this is an ideal place to store customers’ press release for media also to find.

If Users are using promotion codes within customers’ press release, make sure customers’ codes are unique and are trackable.

With any marketing or PR tool, using just one tool will not generate success. It is a combination and integration of all customers’ marketing tools that will create success. This article intends to assist with customers’ content marketing & press release portion to help boost interaction with customers’ current audience and a potentially new audience.


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