RideBoom India Launches Its Unique RB Bike Taxi Service in Delhi NCR and Its an Ultimate Blow Torch

Launched In Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon, The RideBoom Bike & Scooter service is an instantaneous hit Into Popularity and Satisfaction and Taxis will be added in the coming weeks.

RideBoom has just launched the Rideshare App adding RB Bike taxis with unique features in Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon. It is going to be the first rideshare app with a gender booking safety feature in the India or world.

At this stage, RideBoom India has just launched its Bike service and very soon in the coming weeks, they are going to start registering taxi drivers as well.

Nowadays, fast, and safe transportation is highly needed due to the high mobility of people in the modern era. RideBoom takes the challenge and creates an application in which people can book a bike or scooter in many convenient ways. The company has just announced a new and unique application called RideBoom and it will be beneficial both for the customers and the drivers.

For the riders, they will be able to book a bike or scooter from any location in Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon.

RideBoom builds an app by keeping women safety as a top priority in a place like Delhi.

RideBoom is looking to increase the RideBoom community and show people that exceptional services can be found, you will enjoy the best this niche has to offer, from clean Bikes to friendly drivers and so on.

The Advantage of RideBoom for riders and why use RideBoom

RideBoom got many unique and safety features to include driver gender selection.

They have a strict No Surge Pricing policy thereby making it the most fair-value company in the market.

RideBoom uses number masking technology, a red alert panic button, and sharing the ride with an emergency contact.

Riders will get RB Coins to ride credits after each ride, and they can use these credits against their next rides.

The most affordable rides on the planet with friendly drivers.

Select your preferred male or female driver for your safety.

No extra charge like convenience fee.

Drivers Advantage

Work locally and earn globally.

Lifelong driver incentive plan is like a pension system.

Earn even without driving.

Get first preference on your attached client’s jobs request.

Become a preferred driver of your unlimited attached clients.

Better customer service training and stress-free working conditions.

Destination setup.

How you can help

Whenever you took a ride with RideBoom you are not only helping to reduce the traffic, but you are also helping the person to earn his life hood the RideBoom driver. So, we never charge you more when you need us the most. We are donating one percent from each ride to feed the hunger for a children’s charity in your local cities.


For more information, please visit https://www.rideboom.com/india/

Download the App from google play or the app store.


Contact Detail:

Company Name: RideBoom
Contact Person: Alex
Email: Send Email
Phone No: 0172 2910639
Country: India
Website Url: https://www.rideboom.com

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