Yen Sao AQUA—Pure, High-Quality Swallow’s Nests Brand From Vietnam

Yen Sao Aqua is one of the most famous Vietnamese brands in the bird’s nest industry; the business takes pride in more than twelve years of constructing and developing bird nest houses.

They have a lengthy history of development and are renowned for delivering high-quality products to the Vietnam market!

Product detail:

Yen Sao AQUA Brand – A New Name But Not Young

AQUA is one of the pioneers in attracting and raising swiftlets, despite its newfound popularity. Throughout the province of Binh Phuoc, this unit has invested in up to 12 Salangane houses.

These birdhouses are made to the greatest possible standards. Under favorable conditions for swiftlets to develop, only the top sorts of nests are produced!

Over a decade, AQUA Salanganes’ Nest embraced a big reputation by creating the bird’s nest farming experience. Since then, the business has become one of the leading brands in our country for genuine bird’s nests.

AQUA also spends time instructing and assisting South Central Coast area people in the building and development of Salangane house. Simultaneously, helping to the overall development of the swiftlet attracting profession in Vietnam.

The brand system has significantly grown over these recent years. When you visit the store, you can purchase a feathered bird’s nest, a polished bird’s nest, a raw bird’s nest with feathers, or a ready-made bird’s nest of exceptional quality.

Why Should You Choose Yen Sao AQUA Products?

To ensure that only high-quality products can reach customers’ hands, AQUA persistently improves the quality of bird’s nests and the process from exploitation, selection, preliminary processing, standard packaging, and preservation to meet industry standards.

The achievements and successes of the company are results from a long process of their effort and enthusiasm. More than twelve years have passed since the development of the brand, but the memories and the struggle of those old days remain there. They are a reminder of how far and hard Yen Sao Aqua has gone to become one of the famous national brands today; this is also a big motivation for their ceaseless effort.

Currently, the company provides solutions for Salangane house construction and distributes all organic products made from edible bird nests. As these natural products are rich in nutrition and come in various options, most customers purchase them as gifts for their friends or family.

Yen Sao Aqua offers a range of products:

Dried Bird’s Nest

Processed Bird’s Nest

Well-refined Bird’s Nest

Bird’s Nest Distilling

Ingredients for Bird’s Nest Cooking

Bird’s Nest Cooking Machines


On the best edible bird’s nest companies list, the Yen Sao AQUA is, without a doubt, the top brand to seek for. All of the brand’s products are guaranteed to meet the requirements for luxurious presents! Because all AQUA products have exceptional quality, you might want to make a list of your favorites so you can compare them!

Contact Detail:

Company Name: Yen Sao Aqua
Contact Person: Media Relations
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Address: 183 Ngo Tat To street, Ward 22, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City
Country: Vietnam
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