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Hong Kong, June 16, 2022 – (SEAPRWire) – NovationWire, the Asia based PR distribution newswire who is focusing on the fin-tech, AI, AR/VR/XR, digital marketing & blockchain industries, has released a report on ‘Key Branding Trends Fintech Business Should Watch Out in 2022’.

Video marketing trends

Video marketing is becoming a key revenue generation tool for most brands. But did users know marketers now consider video marketing as reliable brand creation and reputation management tool as well? How video marketing is shaping up the brand reputation is actually heavily influenced by data, technology, trends, and human behavior across digital media. Gen Z and millennials, in particular, spend more time – consuming videos than text content. That is evident in the shift toward Instagram Reels, TikTok videos, YouTube Shorts, and other similar video marketing tools. The recent trends also show that conventional marketers are more comfortable investing in video marketing for brand awareness than any other interactive content marketing channel, including podcasts, the latest emerging player. Today, almost every marketing tip, resource, guide, and prediction emphasizes the importance of including videos in customers’ marketing approach, including for mobile apps and gaming engagements.


MGC (Machine Generated Content) will start to be industrialized, starting on Facebook and Instagram. MGC will impact all creative fields, but it will be sharpened first on Facebook and Instagram. The ad auction is nearing a $100 Billion marketplace, powered by testing tools and fast, granular signal. By incorporating most of the data/ML into its own native tools, creative is now one of the few levers Facebook still wants businesses to pull. People’s research found “content marketing tools” was once again one of the most popular topics globally, indicating a strong need for more automation as content managers often handle labor – intensive processes. However, just as people discussed the importance of performing content audits, understanding the data behind high – performing content can give customers’ content marketing strategy a solid foundation for making gains in 2022.

Leaders and influencers

Content marketing is incredibly saturated with thought “leaders” and “influencers” however, they aren’t exactly helpful in determining what works and what doesn’t in an ever – evolving digital landscape. On the contrary, original research gives users deep insights into what industry professionals and startups alike are doing; good or bad. This entirely depends on what industry users are in or the audience segment users are after, which will determine the channel and the content that is appropriate for the channel. Is it B2B or B2C? For B2B, video has been hot for a while, but using 3D imaging and AR for e – commerce is coming into its own, giving customers more visibility into products and how they may fit in their own spaces. The difference between good and great will be a brand’s ability to leverage data – backed insights from external sources to inform content production. Content marketers have used internal data – backed insight for years, but that’s only half the picture. The other half is uncovered by using external audience, market and competitive insights to empower content marketers to create more impactful content.

Mass media marketing is out of time

People want to feel heard and appreciated as an individual and they have the power to ask for that, because there is so much market saturation. Mass media marketing is out of time. People want communication at a 1 to 1 level in a manner that’s relevant for them. Especially due to COVID – 19, empathy plays a strong role in making sure that customers are satisfied with customers’ marketing and communication strategy. These technical elements are as critical to getting customers’ content seen as a wall hook, or picture hanger is to a painting on customers’ wall. If users don’t have the proper structure or fundamentals, you’ll end up with a giant mess on the floor that nobody notices. Don’t let this type of disaster happen to customers’ content. Invest in technical SEO to keep customers’ content accessible to the masses. Think about it this way. If a prospective client wants to hire a virtual accountant, and customers’ firm’s site has a blog post that highlights tax tips or strategies customers’ accountants use, this person might find customers’ post or website via Google search, read customers’ post and explore customers’ website, and then decide that they want to contact users for a consultation or accounting assistance.

About NovationWire

NovationWire offers deep insight into industry trends in the financial market. NovationWire provides easy and quick solutions that allow customers to capture, monitor, and audit market data from a holistic view down to an individual task on market research and industry trend insights, especially in including Fin-tech, blockchain, NFT, Metaverse gaming, AR/VR/XR, AI learning and leading biotech industries. They also provide guidance to SMEs in PR distribution, Global News Release, Content Marketing in Southeast Asia. For a long time, NovationWire has based in East Asia and Southeast Asia (Japan, Korea, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, etc.). To date, the company has provided data and analytics services to more than 1,000 enterprise clients.

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