The VIVIVERSE is the first ever PlayNation in the Metaverse

Viviverse brings entertainment to the next level, redefining X to earn by blurring the lines between the metaverse and reality. Users or citizens who hold exclusive NFT based passports can enjoy, grow and thrive in Viviverse’s unique play to earn spaces in gaming, esports, entertainment and real estate.

By leveraging on advanced and proprietary technology such as AR, VR, AI and infra senor wearables, Viviverse gives our users a one of a kind experience making sure their meta verse experience is visually, audibly and kinaesthetically real in both experience as well as in earnings (both fiat and crypto)

To do bring to fruition this vision, the team behind this project, V labs relies on the twin underpinning pillars1. A world class in house dedicated team with both real world and metaversal experience under their belts leading the production2. Real world partners in traditional industries to ensure a robust and solid real world connection. Viviverse will announce the partners individually in the next release.

On Aug 18 we are excited to announce the by invitation only pre mint whitelist for the first 1000 passports (Vpass) and this will kick off the onboarding journey of new citizens to viviverse. Before the end of 2022, Viviverse will launch 3 key Metaspacesa. Zenith – the first Club in the Metaverse featuring top tier DJ’sb. NFTE – the worlds first regulated Blue chip Crypto & NFT Exchange traded fundc. NFT REAL real estate – worlds first fragmented ownership of true yielding real estate underwritten by actual assets in London.By trailblazing true ownership in play, Viviverse is where crypto comes to play.

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